Off-shell archive



  1. Offshell: 1802R.001.v1
    Experimental estimation of the maximum size of a dressed photon
    Motoich Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe


  1. OffShell: 1712R.001.v1
    Creation and Measurement of Dressed Photons: A Link to Novel Theories
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Hirofumi Sakuma
  2. OffShell: 1710R.001.v1
    Spatial and temporal evolutions of dressed photon energy transfer
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe, Hayato Saigoh
  3. OffShell: 1709R.001.v1
    New Routes to Studying the Dressed Photon
    Motoichi Ohtsu