Off-shell archive



  1. OffShell: 1904R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Novel functions and prominent performance of nanometric optical devices made possible by dressed photons
    Motoichi Ohtsu
    DOI: 10.14939/1904R.001.v1


  1. OffShell: 1811R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Embarking on theoretical studies for off-shell science guided by dressed photons
    Motoichi Ohtsu
    DOI: 10.14939/1811R.001.v1
  2. OffShell: 1809O.002.v1
    (Original paper)
    Theory of Single Susceptibility for Near-field Optics Equally Associated with Scalar and Vector Potentials
    Itsuki Banno
    DOI: 10.14939/1809O.002.v1
  3. OffShell: 1809R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Gigantic Ferromagnetic Magneto-Optical Effect in a SiC Light-emitting Diode Fabricated by Dressed-Photon–Phonon-Assisted Annealing
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe
    DOI: 10.14939/1809R.001.v1
  4. OffShell: 1809O.001.v1
    (Original paper)
    Micro-Macro Duality for Inductions/Reductions
    Izumi Ojima
    DOI: 10.14939/1809O.001.v1
  5. OffShell: 1808O.001.v1
    (Original paper)
    Logical Fallacy of using the Electric Field in Non-resonant Near-field Optics
    Itsuki Banno, Motoichi Ohtsu
    DOI: 10.14939/1808O.001.v1
  6. OffShell: 1805R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Principles and Practices of Si Light Emitting Diodes using Dressed Photons
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe
    DOI: 10.14939/1805R.001.v1
  7. OffShell: 1804O.002.v1
    (Original paper)
    Photon localization revisited
    Izumi Ojima, Hayato Saigo
    DOI: 10.14939/1804O.002.v1
  8. OffShell: 1804O.001.v1
    (Original paper)
    High-Power Infrared Silicon Light-emitting Diodes Fabricated and Operated using Dressed Photons
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe
    DOI: 10.14939/1804O.001.v1
  9. OffShell: 1802R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Experimental estimation of the maximum size of a dressed photon
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe
    DOI: 10.14939/1802R.001.v1


  1. OffShell: 1712R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Creation and Measurement of Dressed Photons: A Link to Novel Theories
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Hirofumi Sakuma
    DOI: 10.14939/1712R.001.v1
  2. OffShell: 1710R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    Spatial and temporal evolutions of dressed photon energy transfer
    Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe, Hayato Saigo
    DOI: 10.14939/1710R.001.v1
  3. OffShell: 1709R.001.v1
    (Review paper)
    New Routes to Studying the Dressed Photon
    Motoichi Ohtsu
    DOI: 10.14939/OffShell.1709R.001.v1