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[Review paper]

Novel functions and prominent performance of nanometric optical devices made possible by dressed photons

 Motoichi Ohtsu
(Submitted on 2 April 2019, Uploaded on 2 April 2019)

keywords: dressed photon, buffer memory, single-photon, energy consumption


This paper describes  the operation of an optical buffer memory device in order to demonstrate a novel function made possible by dressed photons (DPs). It was shown that output signals repeatedly appeared with a period of 150 ps by applying a readout optical pulse to the device. Next, to demonstrate the prominent performance achievable by DP devices, single-photon operation with a probability as high as 99.3 % was confirmed. Finally, the magnitudes of the dissipated and consumed energies of the DP device were shown to be 104 times lower than those of a CMOS logic gate .

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