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Note on the physical meaning of the cosmological term

Hirofumi Sakuma and Hiroyuki Ochiai
(Submitted on 10 September 2019, Uploaded on 10 September 2019)

keywords: cosmological term, dressed photon, Clebsch dual field, conformal symmetry breaking


At first glance, the issue of dressed photon in the field of nano-optics seems to have nothing to do with cosmology which deals with phenomena with the largest spatial scales in nature. However, recent preliminary analyses on the mathematical structure of Clebsch dual field introduced as a part of explaining the generating mechanism of dressed photon implies the possibility that the emergence of the cosmological constant as the coefficient of the cosmological term may be explained by the dynamical process of simultaneous conformal symmetry breaking of electromagnetic and gravitational fields. In this short note, as a supplemental explanation of this conjecture, we give a new explanation of the physical meaning of the cosmological term by proving the hitherto unnoticed identity (1) in section 1.

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