OffShell: 1911R.001.v1

[Review paper]

Dressed photon phenomena that demand off-shell scientific theories

 Motoichi Ohtsu
(Submitted on 12 November 2019, Uploaded on 12 November 2019)

keywords: off-shell, dressed photon, quntum field, measurement, quantum walk


This paper presents experimental results on dressed photon (DP) phenomena that demand the quantum field measurement theory and quantum walk theory. In relation to the quantum field measurement theory, it is shown that disturbance of the DP momentum was observed. It is also shown that the linear relation between the cause and effect of the DP energy measurement is lost. An electric-dipole forbidden transition becomes an allowed transition, and the energy disturbance is enhanced by decreasing the probe–specimen distance. In relation to the quantum walk theory, it is shown that energy transfer of the DP and the Brownian motion of nanometer-sized particles were autonomously controlled.

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