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[Review paper]

Generation Mechanism of Dressed Photon and Unique Features of Converted Propagating Light

Motoichi Ohtsu
(Submitted on 1 October 2021, Uploaded on 1 October 2021)

keywords:  dressed photon, pair-annihilation, spin, anti-bunching, cluster-light


Based on theories from off-shell science, this article explains that a timelike Majorana particle and anti-particle pair pops up at a point-like source due to light-matter interaction in a nanometer-sized space. A dressed photon (DP) is generated by subsequent annihilation of this pair. It also describes the quantization of the DP by using the energy quantum, where the inverse of represents the maximum size of the DP and is called the DP constant. The DP, in its high energy level, is spontaneously de-excited, and its energy is converted to propagating light energy. The converted light field behaves like a particle because its spin is zero. It is called DP-cluster light, and its unique features are confirmed by photon statistics experiments. It is a cluster of photons that behaves as if it were a single photon with the accumulated amount of energy. Thus, it is free from diffraction. Experimental results on an optical polarization rotator, the DP constant, and photon breeding are also reviewed by referring to off-shell science theories.

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