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Off-shell science theories on interaction for dressed photons

Motoichi Ohtsu
(Submitted on 31 January 2022, Uploaded on 31 January 2022)

keywords:  category algebra, dressed photon, off-shell, Majorana field, quantum walk


This article, first, proposes a new approach to quantum fields in terms of category algebras and states on categories. Quantum fields and their states are respectively defined as category algebras and states on causal categories with partial involution structures. It is pointed out that, by utilizing category algebra and states on categories, relativity and quantumness can be directly integrated as a category theoretic structure and as a noncommutative probabilistic structure, respectively. Second, based on a Clebsch dual field theoretical model, it is made clear that a dressed photon (DP) field originates from a transition of the spacelike momentum of the Majorana field to a timelike one. This model derives a maximum size of the DP that has already been found by experimental studies. It is pointed out that, in the case where the paired timelike Majorana particle and anti-particle have anti-parallel spins, the pair annihilation creates a DP with a spin 0. The light converted from this DP can be a unique light field with spin 0, which behaves as a particle. It is experimentally confirmed that a cluster of photons emitted from an Si-LED behave as such a particle. Finally, a quantum walk model is employed to analyze the experimentally confirmed phenomena of DP energy transfer between nano-particles. Its theoretical bases are described based on the theory of category.

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