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Spatial and temporal evolutions of dressed photon energy transfer

Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe, Hayato Saigo
(Submitted on 19 Oct 2017, Uploaded on 20 Oct 2017)

keywords: dressed photon, autonomy, energy transfer, quantum walk, energy conversion


It has been shown that dressed photon (DP) energy transfer exhibits unique autonomous spatial evolution features, and novel functional devices have been demonstrated as a first example of the practical application of this transfer. Temporal evolution features originating from nutating DP energy transfer followed by radiative relaxation have also been demonstrated. A novel film for highly efficient optical energy conversion is presented as a second example of the application of these features. It is suggested that these spatial and temporal evolution features can be analyzed based on theoretical models based on a quantum walk and a random walk. This film was placed on a silicon solar battery to convert UV light energy to visible light energy, resulting in an increased electrical power generation efficiency of 20.2%.

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