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[Review paper]

Creation and Measurement of Dressed Photons: A Link to Novel Theories

Motoichi Ohtsu, Hirofumi Sakuma
(Submitted on 14 Dec 2017, Uploaded on 14 Dec 2017)

keywords: dressed photon, fiber probe, Clebsch dual field, Yukawa-potential, quadrality scheme


In order to identify the requirements in theoretical studies for analyzing the physical properties of dressed photons, this paper adopts a fiber probe developed for creating and measuring dressed photons. The principles and practices of using such a fiber probe in illumination and collection modes are reviewed. It is pointed out that the fiber probe can be replaced by a nano-particle and that multiple nano-particles exhibit a specific phenomenon of dressed photons, namely, autonomous energy transfer. A phase diagram is presented in order to identify the requirements in a novel theory for finding the optimum conditions for measuring dressed photons. It is pointed out that this theory should be able to describe the autonomy above and also the hierarchy that exists in the measurement. To meet these requirements, promising novel theoretical approaches are reviewed. One is the Clebsch dual field theory. The use of the quadrality scheme based on the category theory and a novel measurement theory are also suggested as promising approaches for analyzing the detailed physical properties of dressed photons, and this will open up a new field of off-shell science.


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