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Experimental estimation of the maximum size of a dressed photon

Motoichi Ohtsu, Tadashi Kawazoe
(Submitted on 14 Feb 2018, Uploaded on 14 Feb 2018)

keywords: dressed photon, photochemical vapor deposition, dissociation, fiber probe, non-resonant


This article describes experimental estimation of the maximum size of a dressed photon (DP) by a photochemical vapor deposition method that has been used for forming a metallic zinc nanoparticle (Zn-NP) on a sapphire substrate. Because of the localized feature of the DP and of a unique non-resonant DP–molecule interaction, this method succeeded in excluding the contribution of the propagating light in the Zn-NP formation. The size of the deposited Zn-NP increased with increasing deposition time. Finally, the size saturated to a value that was independent of the radius of curvature of the fiber probe tip and the wavelength of the light used for irradiating the end of the fiber probe. From these results, it was concluded that the experimentally estimated maximum size was 50–70 nm.


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