About Off-shell archive

As is generally known, some existing academic journals are apt to take a long time to publish academic papers after undergoing the review process. Such a delay may hinder the prompt and global exchange of academic information among scientists, especially in the fields of advanced and interdisciplinary sciences. In order to remove such a hindrance, pre-print servers have been established to serve as repositories for scholarly material in the fields of physics, mathematics, bioscience, and so on.

Following this precedent, Off-shell archive was launched on 1 September 2017 as a repository for off-shell science. Off-shell science is a newborn, advanced, interdisciplinary, generic science that is concerned with various phenomena in nature. Dressed-photon science is a representative branch of off-shell science.

Off-shell archive publishes original papers and review papers in the field of off-shell science, including dressed-photon science, in order to expand the availability of novel academic information and to promote its prompt exchange among leading active scientists. The advantages of publishing papers in the Off-shell archive are immediacy of publication, open-access, establishing priority, receiving prompt feedback from readers, gaining attention in early stages of research, ensuring evidence of research work, and so on.